Rent a cottage before or after a tangoweek

In the week before or after a tangoweek you can rent a cottage, gite or little house, to rest and enjoy the place and surroundings here a little longer.

We are not offering breakfasts or any meals then, so you have to cook for yourself or find a restaurant nearby. To be able to do this, you need to come/stay here with your own transport!

Renting is possible with: El Sueno, Media luna, Calina Manana, Cunita and Casa Roca.
All these little houses have a kitchen and their own bathroom.

We rent the houses for the whole week. If it is not available for the whole week, then you can rent it for the days it is available. Please contact us about availability of a house in the period you want to come!
In 2020 these weeks are available for renting: 27 June-04 July, 11-18 July, 25-28 July, 04-08 Aug,
15-22 Aug, 29 Aug-05 Sept.

El Sueno

El Sueno costs 350,- euro p. week


Cunita costs 350,- euro p.week

Calina Manana

Calina Manana costs 350,- euro p.week

Media Luna

Media Luna costs 350,- euro p.week


Casa-Roca costs 425,- euro p.week