Booking conditions

Conditions for Tangoweeks 

By sending your Booking form, you and your dancepartner agree to the following written conditions about Payment, Participation and Cancellation.

By sending your Booking form you commit yourself to arrange your first payment (euro 570,- for tangoweeks) within 7 days after your booking. Booking is valid after receipt of euro 570,-
The other amount of euro 720,- for the workshops can only be payed cash on arrival.

Cancellation Participants:

Cancellation insurance is much recommended. In case of cancellation/not coming to our place, we charge the following percentages of the total week price (eur 1290,-per Couple):
- 10% after booking,
- 30% within 12 weeks before starting date, 
- 50% within 8 weeks before starting date,
- 80% within 3 weeks before starting date and
- 100% within 1 week before the start. 

 If it happens that a tangoweek is cancelled by us, than all payment done to us for this week will be refund. A tangoweek needs at least 6 booked couples. With less couples the week can be cancelled until 3 weeks before starting date. If you allready booked your voyage (airplane/bus/train, hotel, car rental), you have to address your own cancellation insurance for the costs you did make. 

Cancellation Teachers:
- In case it happens that a teacher or teachers couple can not be there cause of exceptional circumstances, we will do our very best to find a appropriate replacement.
- In case it happens that one person of the teachers couple can not be there cause of exceptional circumstances, the other teacher is responsible for coming with a qualified dancing/teaching partner to replace the original teacher which did cancel his/her participation.

Tangovalley lies on a mountainslope in a valley with small path’s and stairsteps and is only suitable for persons that easily walk. You reach cabanas and Casa Roca by walking over little path’s, so it is important to have flat walking shoes with you. Because of this natural surrounding we cannot take responsibility for accidents that might happen on the property.