Tangoweek Prices

Prices Tangoweeks 2019

Tangoweek all in : € 545 ,- p.person
Tangoweek all in : € 1090 ,- p.couple

of which:
€  620,-  for workshops 2 persons ( Buiten-gewoon/Silueta)
€  470,-  for accomodation 2 persons (Tangovalley, P.Spijkerman)
€ 1090,-  total for workshops, meals and accommodation for a couple

Tango Buiten-gewoon/Silueta, Netherlands organise tango workshops with tango teachers abroad. Tangovalley takes care for the accommodation of the Tangovalley tango program in France

-Stay in a 2p.room or 2p.cabanne is included in the price.
-Stay in a 2p.room/Cabanne with toilet and shower is € 100,- extra p.couple
(only a few available. more info by email or by telephone: 0033-(0)565997421- ask Peggy)
Pickup from Albi to Tangovalley and return is € 40,-p.person.

About the payment:
We do ask you to make your first payment (620 euro) in the first week after 1 March 2019. For this we will send you a pdf between 16 and 28 of February 2019, with detailed info about the payments to be made.