traveling by air/train


Airport Toulouse (train: Toulouse-Albi ville) From airport Toulouse there is a regular correspondance (Navette-bus) with the central railway station of Toulouse: Gare Matabiau (train: Toulouse-Albi Ville)
Attention: Sometimes it happens that the luggage does not arrive in Toulouse.
So put all your important things, clothes and danceshoes in your hand-luggage.
Airport Toulouse with Easyjet: Amsterdam-Toulouse at Sundays and Fridays.
Airport Rodez with Ryan air: Londen/Brussels-Rodez ( train: Rodez-Albi ville)
or rent a car 60 kilometer to Tangovalley.
Airport Carcassonne with Ryan Air: (train: Carcassonne-Toulouse-Albi ville)

*The most easy way to arrive at Tangovalley is by renting a car at the airport.


If you travel in France and need to buy a ticket for the train, then do buy a return-ticket.
It saves you time and money and they are valid for 2 months. Don't forget to stamp your
ticket in the stamping machine if you use it.
Paris(Montparnasse)-Toulouse TGV: 8.10-11.30-17.20 (sundays)
Carcassonne-Toulouse (50 min.): 10.11-10.23-12.22-13.15-14.30-17.23 (sundays)
Toulouse (Gare Routiere) -Albi (Gare Albi-Ville) (65 minutes): 7.2 - 9.02 - 11.20 - 11.57 - 12.39 - 14.35 - 16.00 - 17.10 - 18.00 -19.00(sundays)
Rodez-Albi (77min.): 7.44 - 8.33 - 10.24 - 14.33 - 16.34 - 18.24 (sundays)
Once again: In France a retour-ticket is valid for 2 months. Don't forget to stamp ("composter")
your ticket at the station.