Frequently Asked Questions

1.-Can we book now for a tangoweek?
You can book for our tangoweeks 2023 starting from 1 dec. 2022

2.-Do I have to come with a dancepartner?
Yes, you do have to come with a dancepartner.
If you don't have one, you maybe can find or search one in your local tango surroundings.

3.-Can I use my portable at your place?
Higher on our property your mobile phone will work on open spots.
If necessary, you can be called (or call) on our phone: 0033-56599742

4.-How is the the weather in summer?
In general much sunshine. Not too hot, because the valley with the little river and trees gives it's coolness. The evenings can be cool. And also in the south of France, there can be rain.

5.-What kind of dancefloor do you have?
We have a pine boarded (living)floor.

6.-When do you expect us to arrive?
You are welcome on Sunday between 16.00 and 18.00 hour. The
evening meal starts at 19.00 and the first workshop at 21.00 hour.

7.- When do we have too leave ?
Saturdaymorning after breakfeast, before 10.30 hour.

8.-Can we take our children with us?
Alas you can not. Our accomodation is really too small to receive your children.

9.-Can we take our dog(s) with us?
No, This is not possible. Also: our cats are very sensitive for dogs and may run away.

10.-How many km. is Tangovalley from........?
Albi-40 km. Toulouse-120km. Montpellier-195km. Millau-75km.
Paris-750km. Mediterranean Sea-160km. Utrecht(Holland)-1300km.

11.-Is it possible to swim at your place?
Yes, in our small river is a natural pool. you can also swim in the river Tarn at 6 km, in a small lake at 12 km, and in 2 bigger lakes at 50 km to the north and the south of Tangovalley.

12-Is naked recreation possible at your place?
Yes it is possible down by the river.

13.-Is it possible to Canoe nearby?
Yes, on the Tarn at 6 and 15km. On the Dourdou at 15km and in the Gorges du Tarn at 90km.

14.- Is it a good and nice area to walk?
It's a splendid area for walking. We have detailed maps with descriptions for you.

15.-How is your ground?
It's rather steep (inclined) with terraces covered with grass.
Little sunny spots and lots of trees for shadow, plenty of little paths,
little stairs and steps to the Cabannes and the river.

16.-Can I drive with my car or camper till the house or my cabane ?
No behind our parking place the paths are not accessible anymore for cars or campers.
If necessary, only one little camper can be parked above our parking place.The road to Tangovalley is not accessible for caravans and big camping cars.

17.-What are your "3-course meals"?
In our meals you will always find a fresh salade and they contain one entrée, the main course and a dessert.
Meals are prepared without big pieces of meat or fish. It can contain tunny, salmon or minced meat.
The people who are "vegetarian" will then get a variation: a dish without the fish or meat.

18.-Can you take into account my gluten-free, yeast-free, low-fat, salt-free, lactose-free and sugar-free diet?
Please consult us by telephone far in advance. Sometimes we can adjust some things...But in general we cannot cook separate specially for a diet! However you can use a little kitchen to prepare something for yourself if it is really important for you.

19.-Do you have wifi?
Wifi is available at El Capillo from 8.30 until 18.30.

20.-Are there other milonga's in your neighbourhood?
Nimes: There are tango summer activity's.
Toulouse: some evening milonga's are possible in the summer.
Barcelona: Festival of Sitges
Tarbes: Festival of Tarbes