Ina & Sven  10-16 Aug. 2024

Ina has been dancing since the age of 5, teaching dance since the age of 17, and discovered Argentine Tango as her passion in 1996.  "If I can bring a smile to the faces of my students during class, I am happy."

 At the age of five, a children's report on Sesame Street sparked my desire to learn ballet. After 10 years of practicing ballet and jazz dance, including my first experiences on stage, I transitioned to social dances. In both Latin and standard dances, both as a solo dancer and in formation dancing, I have competed at national and international levels, even participating in German championships.

 In 2001, I completed a two -year training program as a dance teacher recognized by the German Sports Federation. Since then, I have worked as a coach, teacher, and guide for various classes, groups, and individual dance couples.

My first encounter with Argentine Tango was in 1996 during a workshop with Ricardo and Nicole, who significantly influenced my understanding of Tango. Seeking foundational work and artistic inspiration, I have learned from various Argentine and European Tango teachers (Nancy and Damian, Diego and Mecha, Homer         and Christina, Eric Jeurissen) both domestically and internationally. Since 1998, I have shared these experiences with Tango enthusiasts in my classes.

 While Aachen is my main teaching location, I have also taught in Maastricht (NL) and at many Tango vacations and camps (Slovenia, France, Phantastango...), where I had the pleasure of inspiring people with Tango.

Sven and I met around 2003 in Eric Jeurissen's magical Tango Salon "El Corte" in Nijmegen. Even if we are currently not teaching regularly together,we have a shared understanding in our connection in dance and our shared appreciation for what Tango can mean in life.

 I know Frayssinette from personal experience as a participant in Eric Jeurissen's workshops and as an instructor. The afternoon swim in the pool near the waterfalls, the view from the dance floor into the valley, the evening Milonga under the moonlight... at Frayssinette, dreams come true!

Sven has been teaching Argentine Tango for over 25 years. His travels have taken him as a teacher all over Europe, to Japan, America and Russia. It was during his time as a guest teacher at El Corte's International Week that he met Ina.

The focus of his teaching is on the modern salon style, where even complex elements can be danced in a close embrace with relaxation.
Sven says: For me, Tango Argentino is the dance where I feel the strongest connection to my partner; where I sense every little reaction and incorporate it back into our movement as a response.Tango is a creative process for me, where two people build something that couldn't be shaped alone. This makes each dance unique and an experience that consistently astonishes and touches me.

 The personal connection possible in Tango, the intimacy, and the shared exploration of new possibilities have always had a significant impact on my life, my relationships with others, and my understanding of my role in it.
I’m looking forward to Frassinette, as I have heard so many good things from colleagues and participants, and I want to experience this exciting place for myself.