Charlotte & Laurent  19 - 25 July 2020

Charlotte & Laurent,
are the co-founders of 'You Tango' -
an English woman with a French man teaching Argentinan Tango in Haarlem (The Netherlands)!

After successful international careers as classical and modern ballet dancers in diverse European dance companies [including Scapino Ballet where they first met in 1992], they then went on to teach and coach professional dancers.

In 2006 they discovered tango, and three years later they started their own tango school 'You Tango’ in Haarlem. They now teach four nights a week [with practicas], host a popular monthly salon and since 2010 they have taught tango holiday weeks in France and Spain.

As is typical with Argentinean Tango dancers, Charlotte and Laurent are passionate about this wonderful, distinctive dance, which brings people together, they love teaching it, often utilizing their knowledge from their professional dance background. 

They have trained with some of the great tango maestros in Buenos Aires, and attend workshops with visiting teachers in Europe to keep in touch with evolving styles in tango and new methods of teaching.
Their tango lessons are carefully structured, starting with technique for both the leader and the follower. They often teach steps from similar techniques and mix them up to encourage dancers to improvise, play with steps musically and explore the dynamics of the movements. This allows dancers to develop their own personal expression and style.

Laurent and Charlotte enjoy giving dancers lots of individual attention, with special focus on how posture enables better connection through the embrace, encouraging elegant active following. But there’s always lots of humour as well because they believe it's important to have a relaxed atmosphere to facilitate dancers to dare, take risks, and discover new possibilities!